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Asia is more or less a whole new world when you see it for yourself. Given that almost all the destinations are anything but expensive, they make the best holiday destinations too. You could be going alone, with your partner or even with your clique of friends, there are many to optimize your experience while you’re there. On the split side, there are travelling mistakes that no person should ever do, especially in Asia. 

Here are 5 of them. 

  1. ‘Studying’ native languages before the trip 

There is no doubt that there will be a handful of occasion where the language barrier would pop up. But it doesn’t mean that you should ‘study’ the native languages before you go. Sure, learning a few native phrases would make things convenient, but ‘studying’… No need of that. 

  1. Depending on one way of funds 

Let’s assume that you have a specific credit card and you let your company that you’re travelling and claimed all the special travelling rewards too. What if the shop you’re at didn’t accept that card? It’s going to be quite a pickle without a doubt. Hence, remember to carry a fair amount of change and bigger bills of the native currency and of course, dollars along with a debit card.  

Overspending on accommodation when travelling as groups 

When it comes to Thailand, Bangkok specifically, the biggest mistake that a group of people can do is not considering staying over at a backpacker hostel bangkok. What’s the specialty of such a place? You get not only to share the rooms but provided with very comfortable bunk beds. Hence, you will be able to have your accommodation expenses if you tried this method, instead of renting room per each member. Even if you were travelling alone, this hack helps you to stay over for a very cheap price, comfortably. 

Poor placement of accommodation 

If there was a considerably longer distance between the special places you need to visit and your hotel, time will be immensely lost. When travelling abroad, time is money. For an example, given that the prices don’t change that much even if you tried to stay over at a more remote area, choosing a hostel in bangkok city centre is going to place you optimally from almost all the famous unique destinations. This applies to almost all the other Asian regions too. 

Not choosing the visiting locations beforehand 

There’s no doubt that there will be a number of places where you can visit in any region of Asia; especially in a country like Bangkok. Nevertheless, if you didn’t pick the places ideally and beforehand, it’s going to consume a lot of time. That’s why it needs to be done well beforehand, leisurely.  

5 Travelling Mistakes You Need To Avoid In Asia