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The canopies

Ute canopies are one of the most widely chosen accessories for pickup trucks. The applications of the canopies range from task to task, but ultimately they serve one crucial service; protection. The canopy protects your material from the rain so you can transport the material, tension-free. Ute canopies and trays are considered to be mandatory parts of a pickup truck, due to the long list of benefits these accessories offer. Moreover, the two can be used for almost all tasks and they are not dependent on the type of task so they are installed in the truck, irrespective of the type of tasks for which the truck is usually used for. If you’re planning to install the Ute canopies Brisbane, but not sure about the benefits it offers, take a look at some of the popular reasons why pickup truck owners assign such great weightage to the canopies.


If you plan of transporting expensive material in your truck, a canopy will provide you the protection your stock needs. Often the material is hard to fit in the truck and the large tools are at a great risk, even in lockable Ute trays. However, with a canopy, you can load heavy equipment and then lock the material in the shell. The canopy offers a wide secure area for your equipment so you can transport your material without worrying about its safety.

Protects the vehicle

The Ute trays carry varying amount of road and since they are made of aluminum, denting is possible. Moreover, the paint is often corroded and it eventually leads to rust and corrosion. This puts the heath of your vehicle at risk, especially the health of the tray. If used in this condition for longer periods, this can pose danger to the material that is being carried. A canopy prevents all this from happening by providing a protective layer to the tray. It protects the tray from the rain and prevents water from reaching the tray.


Often pickup truck owners are worried about installing canopy, wondering it will reduce the storage capacity. The Aluminium trays Brisbane is removable. This means it offers the protection to your stock as long as you want it to. If you wish to transport larger equipment and canopy isn’t allowing that, you can easily remove the canopy to perform your intended task. The canopy is designed to be able to be removed in no time. Without the canopy, you have the greater room capacity that you need for your equipment.

Extra seating area

If the commercial activities is not all you use the truck for, the canopy can provide some extra seating capacity. It is difficult to sit without a cover at the back of the truck, especially in winters. However, with a canopy, you can put some cushions and you have an extra seating space. This can be really useful when you’re in mood for adventures. The tray also serves as a mobile camping shelter that is in high demand for adventures.

Benefits Of Ute Canopies