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Many of you have experienced a blocked toilet many times and you always wonder why it just happens after every few days. The reason is lack of cleanliness and the most important hair, females tend to experience hair fall a lot which may be due to weather or other problems but the issue arises when you do not unclog or drainage plumbers in Footscray it and it piles up which blocks the whole tube coming from the water tank to bathroom. A plumber is usually called to fix the clogged drain but one must take small measures to not let it reach to the point where it gets completely blocked. Another reason why your bathroom gets blocked is because of soap deposit. The soap, shampoo, conditioners all that excess liquid gets stuck into the drainage holes making lesser space for the water to flow down. This also depends on the type of toilet you have, sometimes low flush toilets tend to face more issue. You also need to keep a check on the water tank if there is enough water to swirl it down. One must have knowledge about the type of water they have at their home because if the water is hard then it leaves a sticky whitish substance that is both not good for your hair and also gets accumulated in the drains and it is better if you get it fixed as soon as possible or else it clogs up the whole system badly. 

Another thing you must be aware of not throwing or letting other members of the house who use the toilet to flush items like tissue papers, cotton, baby wipes because usually people assume it is a soft material and can be flushed easily but you must not flush anything. If you have kids at home and they are likely to throw stuff like toys into the flush you must be careful and keep a check on them by telling them not to do so. 

Sometimes old sanitary and pipelines need to be changed with time because their working gets slower day by day. There are small ways to keep your sanitary cleaned and in good workable conditions and sometimes vinegar does the work if there is a small blockage, vinegar when added with hot boiling water and help open small drains. One must keep easy and simple to use draining devices in their bathroom like sweeps and strong cleaning liquids to wipe off the germs. Toilets are more likely to get blocked in stormy weathers when the water piles up and floods making the water pressure to increase abnormally and it disturbs the whole system. You must also select a plumber that is experienced and referred by someone close who calls him frequently because the plumber needs to pick exactly the root cause of all problems.  plumbers-hire



Blocked Toilet