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Forest fires or flames that can engulf the natural surroundings can happen anywhere, especially in the dry zones. Sometimes they are a natural phenomenon but in other cases they can be caused by negligence or even arson. Some people can be still unfamiliar with what goes on when the flames start spreading, so here are some important facts to keep in mind.

It’s a fast blaze

You will be surprised how fast the flames can spread, therefore do not stay indoors even if you have fire shutters Sydney put in place around the house. Though they can protect the property, you can easily get trapped inside and face problems due to heat and exposure. Therefore do not wait for an evacuation call; if you can see the flames, it is best to get out of the way. If you leave it for too late, getting out can be a problem as there will be road blocks and even some traffic which you may have to counter. Therefore do not think you can run them out, they can catch up very fast.

Light can quickly fade away

It can be scary dark and it can happen relatively quickly. If the flames are closer to your place then chances are that electricity will be out as well which means you will need to rely on other sources of light to get by. Therefore it is essential that you have flashlights in working order readily available. Ideally each member of your household should have one.

Pack your essentials

Trying to figure out what to do and what to pack when you are surrounded by heat and flames is not very practical. Chances are that your brain will switch off and you will not be in a position to think clearly to plan ahead. Therefore having an emergency kit packed well in advance is the only solution. Make sure you pack food, sufficient water, communication devices, cash and even your important documents properly sealed.

Pre plan

While it is a good thing to pre plan and put protective measures on your property such as adding bal 40 fire shutters and keeping the surrounding clean, it is also a good thing to pre plan and have some emergency measures thought out and practised. Every able individual should be able to carry them out. For example, an emergency communication method such as how to use a battery powered radio to get information would be essential. Knowing how to evacuate and where to go to is also important.

Staying informed

Nowadays there are many apps and social sites that can keep you updated on what is going on, therefore make sure to have them downloaded and checked frequently. They can be a life saver when it comes to getting updates on an emergency situation.

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