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It might seem a trivial factor to make the outside of your office look nicer. But what many people don’t understand is that same as the first impression of a person matters, it is the same for any company. An interviewee walking in for his first interview might not be so impressed with a dark, damp office interior or an unclean scaffolding of the outer wall.

Cleaning the premises

The cleanliness of a house or an office depends on how careful and considerate the top management and the Human resources department are about it. Although you can hire cleaners to keep the place tidy and spotless, it is not sustainable if office employees are not attentive of the fact that keeping the office floor clean is their responsibility also. Especially wash rooms, coffee making areas and lunch rooms must be used carefully with consideration of others as well. Outside of the offices can be cleaned even when the premises are situated in top floors with a service of highrise window cleaning, but the insides are a duty of the employees as well.

Why is it important?

Keeping a clean office premise is important in many ways. It is a legal requirement to begin with, but that is not the only reason. A clean environment is a must for a healthy and vigorous bunch of employees. The surrounding can have an impact on anyone. It applies the same to a gloomy looking house and people living in that house and to a shabby and worn down building and its occupants as employees. Clean and neatness can seep in to their day-to-day office work as well. If, for example, a principle such as 5S or Kanban can be implemented at the work place, that can be applied to not only the work assignments but also to keep the premises clean and tidy as well.

Steps to take

Talk to your employees. Do they think everything is all right? Take their suggestions; does the office need a break room? Does the reception look sufficiently attractive? Which parts of the building should be painted? If it is in the tallest part you may want to order a rope access painting crew to come in. By this technique, any wall, notwithstanding the height it is situated, can be painted. Ensure the crew has taken sufficient safety measures. You can also use this opportunity to have a wall art done so the logo of your company is seen from afar and some marketing objectives are achieved as well. What you look like outside says a lot about you. Similarly a building or an office premises can be explained as modern or worn down. Choice is yours.

Keeping An Attractive Outlook On Your Organization