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Pregnancy can be divided in to two sections as in pre pregnancy and the post pregnancy. In pre pregnancy, when you got to know about your pregnancy, you will have start all your health checkups, screening , assessments etc. taking the help of the Counseling you and your family can start preparing for what’s coming. The pregnancy is a period where you are excited about to what to expect and also it should be a time to be concerned about all the things. All the things as in how? When you are getting your check ups and getting know your health condition continuously, you might be thinking that you are totally all right, but it is not work that way.

Things to do in pre pregnancy period

When you are gaining months in your pregnancy period, you are gaining weight as well. Sometimes when you are closing to your delivery time period, you might not be able to walk properly from the overweight and also the damaged feet as they are swollen due to your over weight and too many stretch marks as well. For this you have to engage in exercising sessions which are originally prepare for the pregnant women, these exercises should be implemented under the supervision of experts on the field. And the next important thing is the food. You have to be too careful on what to eat on your pregnancy, you should know what are the food that allergic to you or the food which are not good for your health, if you take something not good for your body the your baby also will have to pay for your act as it effects on the baby too. You better discuss these things with your Brisbane gynaecologists female.

Post pregnancy

When you have given birth to you, it’s not all over for you. Because you would be very weak in your health and there could be infections and other health issues that could affect you. So you will have to take full responsibility about your body and do as the doctors say. Mostly because now you are a mother of your baby, you are the one who has to feed your child, so being sick won’t help in that condition. You have to take nutritious food that brings strength back to your body. And especially you have to check the status of your body like you did in the pre pregnancy. Finding an obstetrician Brisbane will definitely help you to do that.

Same awareness

The post pregnancy is not much different from the pre pregnancy, because you have to give the same attention to your health in the both stages. The only difference is now that you are a mother you have to take every decision by first thinking about your baby and deciding if your decision is good or bad for the baby. In this way you could come out from your weak physical condition from no time and be back on track to give more attention to your baby.

Pre Pregnancy VS Post Pregnancy