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In the recent years there are many cases of building collapses which has caused a large number of deaths. Building collapses are usually caused by natural disasters or if the building is aging otherwise it will stand together and serve its purpose. But the recent incidents have lead to investigations and numerous reasons have been found out. Any building whether it’s out home or workplace must be building in such a way to ensure our safety as well as the safety of our friends and family. Here are the reasons identified for the recent cases of building collapses.

Architectural Design

A simple flaw in the design whether it is a mistake in the measurements or while typing could lead to a huge fault in the building. In order to prevent unnecessary collapses builders and homeowners must recruit professional architectures to design the structure. A minor fault could lead to the weakness in the structure and also cause accelerated aging of the building. Compromising the building’s safety for a cheap low cost designing can cause severe effects to the building in the long run.

Low Quality Materials

Building any structure requires a large sum of money therefore most people resort to purchasing low quality building supplies. The materials may look identical and be effective in the short run it could be a complete waste after a few years. It is important that the construction company purchases high quality materials despite the price of the material like screw piles cost Melbourne and the cost of steel and cement. Using second grade products will result in a weak structure and lead to collapse in the future. 

Unskilled Labourers

In most cases the company may purchase high quality materials for the construction of the building but recruit unskilled workers to reduce costs. These workers are prone to make mistakes due to lack of education and training and these mistakes will affect the building.

Weak Foundation

The foundation is a critical part of the entire structure as it is the base on which the building sits. It must be constructed using strong materials like cement and screw piles in order to bear the entire load of the building. Due to the high costs involved in constructing the foundation most builders resort to low cost foundations which are unable to hold the building.


During renovation most people add extra floors to the building without checking the strength of the foundation. If the foundation isn’t fit to hold the additions to the building it results in an overload and causes the building to collapse.

Reasons Why Buildings Collapse