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Office relocation is indeed a thankless job! So many minute details have to be looked in to and so many decisions will have to be made during the process. You will have to start preparing for the day months ahead in order to manage the disruption that will inevitably occur. The article below details a few things that deserve your attention during this arduous process. 

Choose the right building

You have to make sure the place that you choose will help you perform better as a business entity. Choose a building that is located closer to your current office if possible so that employees will not have much trouble to face while commuting to work daily. If you have plans for staff expansion in the future, make sure the new place has enough space to do this too.

Refurbish the new building

If you are based in New Zealand, look for reputed renovation specialists Auckland has and do the necessary reconstruction work as soon as you can. Everything must be ready when your staff moves in so try to start this process of refurbishing early. Decorate and paint the new office in a creative way so that your staff will be excited about the new move.

Specialists in building renovations North Shore and better house plans has will help you transform your new space into an efficient venue where work will be carried out successfully.

Do an office warehouse sale

If you are planning to invest in new office furniture, do consider selling your old furniture and fittings. You can organize an office warehouse sale to dispose of all the items that you no longer need. This will help you generate some extra cash too which you will be able to spend on the new premises.

Hire a cleaning and moving crew

You will need the support of professionals to handle the moving and cleaning tasks. Look for reputed establishments so that you will be able to get a good job done. Make sure the new building is cleaned thoroughly especially if refurbishment work was carried out in it. Clean your old building too before handing it over to the new owners.

Inform changes to stakeholders

Do keep all stakeholders like buyers, sellers and clients who visit your office informed about the change. Try to communicate this to everyone as soon as you can so that there will be no confusion after the move is made.

Moving an office can certainly be a daunting task. Ensure your employees also assist you well during this difficult period so that the process will become smooth and easy to handle.

Top Things To Consider When Relocating Your Office
Top Things To Consider When Relocating Your Office